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BarBot is THE state of the art inventory management system disrupting inventory control to give the POWER back to you. Take inventory faster, with more accuracy and with amazing reports that will help you manage your bar business for greater profits.

The POWER of Inventory

BarBot is the most flexible SaaS beverage inventory management platform. Our platform harnesses the power of mobile smart devices and connects them to the cloud.

No spreadsheets, data entry or proprietary hardware required and please stop with the pen and paper.

Whether an establishment wants to track the inventory of their off the shelf liquor or the contents of multiple house brewed beer tanks in multiple locations, BarBot does it. BarBot uses proprietary software to calculate costs of goods sold, pour costs and identify shrinkage all while accelerating the inventory and ordering process.

BarBot gives you the POWER over your bar business...

  • Lowers inventory control costs
  • Turns information into action
  • Reduces overstock
  • Optimizes fast moving inventory
  • Becomes your on-site consultant
  • Earns you more money to the bottom line

What is BarBot?

Smart Inventory Counting

BarBot harnesses the power of smart devices and the cloud to manage your inventory.

Cost and Time Effective

No pen & paper or costly proprietary hardware required. The free App works on iOS and Android devices.


Track the inventory of off-the-shelf liquor or the contents of house brew tanks in multiple locations.


BarBot uses proprietary software to calculate costs of goods sold, pour costs and identify shrinkage while accelerating the ordering process.

Free Setup and Training

NO setup fee and unlimited free training. Fantastic support from knowledgeable people who have your success in mind.

Intuitive Interface

User interface is extremely friendly and intuitive with a very short learning curve. Our monthly fee is far LESS than the savings it generates.

Amazing Value

BarBot offers industry leading features…all with a goal to put more POWER into your hands... making inventory control faster, more accurate and generating more profit.

  • Reduces the time to manage inventory by 90%
  • Instant order expense forecasting and order generation
  • Automates invoice management
  • UPC bar code reader – speeds up entry and increases accuracy
  • Split inventory tasks across multiple employees for better staff utilization
  • Fully auditable to the user level
  • Integrates with 3rd Party Systems – POS and back-end like Quickbooks and Avero

Customer Reviews

Here's what some of our customers have to say...

"BarBOT has freed up over $4k per month in inventory management expenses. It is a total game changer. We now have a 360 view of everything related to inventory."

Owner / Operator

"Makes inventory a breeze!"

General Manager

"Barbot has streamlined the weekly inventory and ordering duties for me and my team. What used to take multiple sessions has trimmed down the whole process to a couple of hours. It’s nice to know what are true margins are based on an accurate inventory system. And we have been able to to make precise weekly orders which reduces excess product. The layout, design and functionality of the app make it user friendly and efficient. If you’re looking for a bar inventory app, give this one a shot and see what you’ve been missing."


"BarBot is the most useful thing my business has implemented in years. The amount of time it has saved us is incredible. Once you get everything set up on the app, it is extremely user friendly and easy. I would highly recommend it! The functionality and the amount of data that it can compile is amazing! Please do me a favor and save yourself the headache of doing liquor orders and inventory in the excel format!! Upgrade to BarBot!"


Using this app makes life easier when doing inventory. I get it done 3 times faster than logging everything on paper. I highly recommend it to bars and restaurants. 🙌

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